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Documents about the Adoption Law

Single Parent Support Law (Separate from adoption law, goes into effect Jan. 2012)2012

KWDI Unwed Fathers Conference Summary

2012 KWDI Unwed Dads Conference Booklet

2012 Universal Periodic Review Joint_Submission 

UPR 한국어

2012 Single Moms’ Day booklet

2011 Single Moms’ Day booklets

“Adoption Counseling Services Experienced by Unwed Mothers in Korea,” from KWDI, written by Choi Hyoung Sook from Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network

How to Improve Government Welfare Services for Low-income Unwed Mothers in Korea – English summary and full Korean report by KWDI and KUMFA.

법안_국회본회의통과안 – 한국어

입양촉진 및 절차에 관한 특례법 – 옛날 것, 한국어

S. Korean health and welfare ministry statistics portal

Truth and Reconciliation: Activities of the Past Three Years

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