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About jjtrenka has been forwarded here

Hello friends, Well, our website is down. That is a sad, sad thing because there was so much good information on it! We hope to get that one back, eventually. But in the meantime, we’ll be posting here. Have … Continue reading

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We’ve moved to!

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Support an unwed mother for 63 years

An unwed mother receives less than $50 per month from the Korean govt to support her child. Adoptive Families magazine reported in 2012 that the average cost of an international adoption from Korea for Americans was about $38,000 adoption in … Continue reading

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End-of-year fundraiser for Single Moms’ Day 3.0

Although the Third Annual Single Moms’ Day is not until May, we are doing an end-of-year fundraiser to get the ball rolling. We have also just gotten fiscal sponsorship, meaning donations from our American friends are now tax-deductible. This year, … Continue reading

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Human rights study sessions

The human rights framework is the core of TRACK’s philosophy and our compass for activism. When we understand human rights, what needs to be done is very clear. We’d like to invite all who are interested in UN human rights … Continue reading

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Holiday gift drive for single moms’ children

** Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made wishes come true! The gift drive was completed in four days this year. May your kindness be returned to you and your loved ones a thousand times over this … Continue reading

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Thank you to the Ministry of Health and Welfare!

  Skål There’s still a mountain of work to do, but maybe tonight’s a good night to celebrate just a little. Wonderful news was released today by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. In a nutshell, we get this: All … Continue reading

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Korean Unwed Moms – Fact Sheet

The term “unwed mother” is a direct translation from the Korean word mihonmo. Unwed moms face more social discrimination than other single moms, like widows or women who have been married and then divorced. What differentiates Korean unwed moms from … Continue reading

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UN recommendations are out!

Human Rights Council Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review Fourteenth session / Geneva, 22 October–5 November 2012 Download full text Botswana noted concerns raised by the Committee on the Rights of the Child over multiple forms of discrimination against children. Brazil … Continue reading

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[주장] 해외입양, 보내기만 하면 끝인가요

정부는 2만3000명 해외입양인 국적 취득 확인해야 지난 8월 한 해외입양인이 강남의 한 은행을 털려고 한 사건이 한국언론의 헤드라인을 장식했습니다. 이 강남 은행 강도 사건 조사과정 중 발견된 것은 비록 이 해외입양인이 어려서 미국으로 입양되었지만 미국시민권이 없었기에, 미국정부는 그를 한국으로 추방한 … Continue reading

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