Forum to improve birthfamily search – reportback

20151029_142750_201 (1)

The forum to improve birthfamily search was a huge success thanks to the many people who came out to participate at the National Assembly, and also those who participated from abroad by sending in their suggestions and testimonies about birthfamily search over the past three years. Much gratitude to all the people who have joined forces for positive change for adoptees’ rights. I think it might be the first time that all three adoptee organizations in Seoul (TRACK, ASK, and G.O.A’L.) have collaborated on the same project. I’m really happy that we all agree that birthfamily search has to be improved! 🙂

You can download the poster below:

20151026 [포스터] 국회-입양특례법-포스터(최종)

You can download the conference booklet below:

20151028 [자료집] 최동익의원실 입양특례법 정책토론회 자료집-내지최종 (1)

And weirdly, my paper did not make it into the booklet in English. If you would like to read it in English, just go to the previous post on our website here.

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