Holiday gift drive for single moms’ children

** Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made wishes come true! The gift drive was completed in four days this year. May your kindness be returned to you and your loved ones a thousand times over this holiday season.**

In cooperation with TRACK and ASK, KUMFA is once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. By giving small, personal gifts to single moms’ children, we encourage the movement of child-rearing single mothers to grow in Korea. Of course, we also bring a little holiday cheer! Children will receive their gifts at an end-of-year party on December 15 in Seoul. Therefore, please select your gifts by December 10 in order to ensure that there is enough time to get all the gifts purchased, delivered, and wrapped.

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers and Families’ Association), which advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. Thank you for your help!

1. First, decide which family you would like to sponsor from the Wish List. You may  click on their names to see the item they requested.

2. Second, send an email to saying which family (the name and number) you would like to buy a gift for. This is important to do first so we make sure that we don’t duplicate gifts. Please be sure to include your METHOD of donation in your email (see below).

3. Third, you may donate a gift in one of two ways:

Method One. Directly purchase the gift and send it to the family’s home (addresses will be emailed individually). If you send it directly, you may choose to gift wrap, but it is not necessary. If you order it online (some gift requests contain links to websites you can purchase online), you can send it directly to the family’s home.

Method Two. Most gifts are worth about $30. You may send the equivalent of US$30 to the KUMFA Paypal address, which is and request that we buy a certain gift on your behalf. Please also make a note saying which family the transfer is for. You may also request that your $30 simply goes to any child who does not yet have a sponsor. (There are always some left near the end.)

If you are in Korea and don’t have Paypal, you may also transfer money:

Korean Exchange Bank (KEB)
Account number: 620-166033-858

The website will be updated every day. The gifts that still need to be bought are in green. Please help so each child’s holiday wish comes true! Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon Heit, KUMFA Volunteer,

The Wish List

1) Sumi and Sean (26 months old)

I’m the mother of Sean who is 26 months old and is now speaking simple words. Because I am a working mother, Sean has been attending a nursery school from an early age. Lately he has become a little stubborn and thanks to his occassional tantrums, I spend my days both laughing and crying. Sean loves toy cars the most, especially police cars and ambulance cars, which he plays with for hours on end. He doesn’t even let go of them when he sleeps. However, I am requesting blocks for his present. Compared to the other kids his age, he’s extremely good at building things!

2) Eunhee and Dayoon (6 years old)

Dayoon loves drawing and although she is often quite shy, she really likes her friends and plays with them well. She has long hair and likes everything to match in pink, like a princess. She just started learning to play the piano and she said it’s very interesting. She is never really around male figures, so when she sees men she says she thinks that they’re curious. She wants to receive this chatty chick house.

3) Mira and Yejoon (1 year old)

Yejoon just had his first birthday today. The two of us live together. Even though it was hard to give birth to my baby alone and raise him on my own now, my baby is healthy and growing up well, for which I am grateful every day. Since today was his first birthday, I look back on the year and see him becoming growing more beautiful and lovely by the day. I am a member of the KUMFA Daegu branch, which has allowed me to meet lots of great people which I am also thankful for. For Christmas, I want to give Yejoon a Robocarpoly toy car as a present. A long time ago, Yejoon received a small toy car as a freebie and he loved playing with it and awhile ago my younger brother gave him a school bus toy and now he only plays with that toy every day! They say that kids love cars and it must really be true. Yejoon likes to push the cars around himself, but he also likes to chase after me, crawling, if I push the cars around too, even though he hasn’t even learned to walk yet. So I thought if Yejoon gets a wireless Robocarpoly toy, the two of us could play with it together for a long time. I like reading books and watching movies, musicals or plays, but since giving birth to Yejoon, I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to read even one book and thinking about going to see a movie or play seems like a distant future. When Yejoon gets older, I hope we can go to the library together and see movies and plays together. Of course, in order to provide these kinds of cultural experiences for him, I should work hard. Today, I made my son seaweed soup, as is the tradition in Korea for birthdays, and lit a candle on his cake, wishing for us to be able to live happily and in good health. I know there is a lot that I can’t give to my son, but I want to raise him to be full of smiles. Thank you. 

4) Hyunhee and Jayha (2 years old)

We live in a loving family environment in Suwon. Although he’s a bit later than his friends, Jayha is starting to speak a few words (that only his mother can understand!) While I love going on short trips with Jayha, he loves candy – maybe even more than his mom. For Jayha, he needs a humidifier for his room.

5) Jiyeon and Yuna (2 years old)

I like watching movies and Yuna likes Pororo (an animation character). For her present, Yuna would really like to receive a pink Pororo backpack.

6) Yoonmee and Aenook (15 months old)

I’m 25 years old and my daugher is 15 months old. We both love eating and we eat well. Although I’m a bit chubby, Aenook is thin. Because I live pink and princess-y things, when I go shopping or buy presents, I always make sure to select pretty things. Aenook loves playing and she is a very active child so she also loves toys. I always want to dress my lovely daughter in pretty and cute clothes.

7) Kyoungsun and Nayoung (20 months old)

I am raising my angelic daughter who is now 20 months old. I used to live with my parents and younger brother, but as I am getting older and have become a mother myself, I am now living alone raising my daughter. I am currently studying to get my beauty and nail art certification. Although I was always interested in cosmetology before having Nayoung, I had never actual tried to study it but after becoming a mother, I’ve had many chances and I started my cosmetology classes last October and am currently doing my practicum. I’m not sure yet if I’ll become a nail artist but after experiencing loneliness and hardships after giving birth to my daughter, I feel like I’m making a new start and I believe that has a lot of significance. My daughter Nayoung is very bright and sociable and her voice is quite loud. She claps and also makes a lot of exclamations and noises. For a time, I felt frozen in hardships but I realized that Nayoung has already gotten so big which made me think once again that I have also been living during these past twenty months. I will continue to raise my daughter Nayoung with the strength and fellow encouragement of the other KUMFA moms. Thank you. For Nayoung, I am requesting this set of blocks.

8) Bora and Jeongjoon (5 years old)

I live with my son Jeongjoon and my mother, who is ill. For the happiness of my mother and my son, I work hard at my job as a teacher. We play board games a lot with Jeongjoon. So, I hope to give my son a board game as a present. Thank you. I am requesting a DaVinci Code boardgame.

9) Hyejin and June (2 years old)

I live with my handsome, cute, sweet son, June, who is now two years old. He likes taking public transportation, playing with balls, running around and looking at books. But most of all, he loves riding the subway. He likes it so much that sometimes he begs to ride it all the way to the last stop. June loves trains and cars so for his present, I would like to request a train. (no link)

10) Eunjeong and Domin (7 years old, 1st grade)

I live Domin in Daegu. I’m originally from Ulsan but I after I gave birth to my son in an unwed mothers’ facility in Daegu in 2005,, I found a job here and now Domin has already entered elementary school. He’s now finishing up first grade. Domin is now in an after-school program at his school and Domin is great at building robots and making scientific experiencents and other creative activities. Outside of that, he also likes to make things with lego blocks and he went to a special blockbuilding class, where they said he’s even better than most kids his age. Although Domin enjoys sports, even as his mother, objectively speaking, I must admit that he’s not very good at them but he still enjoys doing them. Things that he both likes and is good at are: experiments, making things, and creative activities.

11) Eunjoo and Joonwoo (2 years old)

My son Joonwoo is lately crazy about Thomas and Friends. Thomas and Friends. I didn’t actually realize that Thomas had so many friends… but I now know, thanks to my son Joonwoo. On the weekends, we always go to the bookstore or to the supermarket, where he is sure to eye all of the Thomas and Friends merchandise. I haven’t been able to buy him a Thomas and Friends toy, but I really want to give him some Thomas and Friends shoes. I actually ruined his shoes in the dryer, trying to dry them quickly. If you could give Joonwoo the gift of Thomas and Friends shoes, I would of course be grateful, but Joonwoo would also love them. His size is 150.

12 ) Nanyoung and Yesung (2 years old) (no introduction)

13)  Heeyoung and Sejin (32 months old)

I am living happily with my 32-month-old princess Sejin in Daegu. Sejin now knows who Santa is so I would like to be able to give her a present from Santa. Lately, she’s crazy about dolls, especially teddy bears. Thank you. (no link)

14) Sujin and Yoonsol (25 months old)

My name is Sujin and I am an unwed mother raising my 25-month-old daughter. My daughter’s name is Yoonsol. Actually, Yoonsol is growing quite quickly considering her age and she already knows who Santa is. Actually, I was considering giving Yoonsol a present from Santa this year when I heard about this gift drive. Yoonsol wants to receive children’s snacks. She enjoys eating. So I’d like to request yummy snacks for my daughter, so that I can make her happy. (no link)

15) Eunjoo and Yechan (4 years old)

Yechan wants three children’s books:


할아버지의 이야기 나무


16) Saera and Haeun (3 years old)

I like eating meat. My daughter likes looking at all the toys that appear on TV commercials. I am requesting a chatty chicks house for Haeun.

17) Kyounghwa and Hosung (7 years old, 1st grade)

Hosung is a prankster, full of curiosity, who just entered first grade this year. He likes making things so he’s crazy about legos. He also loves puzzles and soccer. Hosung saw his friend flying a remote-controlled helicopter and although I wanted to request warm, winter clothes, he said he wanted that helicopter so much that I am requesting that for him instead.

V-max4메탈 헬기 -Red

18) Seulbi and Doyoon (3 years old)

Our family lives in Hayoreumville Mother and Children’s Home and my three year old son now attends Samcheong Nursery school. He is a prankster who enjoys the subway. I work as a cupcake maker and chocolatier. We live every day full of love and joy. Our hope is to one day move to a house with more space so I am working hard and Doyoon is always a good son, promising to live with a happy and thankful heart.

19) For KUMFA office – 10 books for children:

6 months (1) and 11 months (1), 18 months (1), 3 year-old (2), 5 year-old (2), 6 year-old (2), 7 year-old (1) – total 100,000 won (no link)

20)     Eunjoo and Hyunjoo (36 months old)

Hyunju and I like theme parks and rides, so we go to Lotte world often. I hope that our family of two become best friends that can always rely on each other.

Wish: Mink tight pants (one Black, one Charcoal, Size 9)

21. Heesung and Yoonah (4 years old)

Being a 4-year-old girl, Yoonah is very fond of the title ‘princess’ these days. Whenever I call her name, she responds “Why? Can’t you call me princess? Call me princess~”
She’ll often ignore me when she’s playing, unless I call her “Princess Pororo~”, to which she comes running along. She even calls me princess as well. Princess Rupee. I told her that pink is a princess’ color, and she likes pink. Her teacher told her she was good on the piano, and she shows a lot of interest in music. Sometimes, she sings some of the songs, or shows me some of the dances that she’s learnt in class. Those are the happiest times of my life. She knows even more songs than me. I don’t know much about music, but I like listening to my daughter sing much more than any musician on TV. At the age of 4, she’s very polite and does her chores responsibly. She thinks it’s only bed time once she’s taken a shower, so she’ll ask for a bath whenever she wants to go to bed. She’s still young, and sometimes makes embarrassing comments out-loud while we’re at the hospital. I try my best to be a good mother for her, and to give her all the love that she deserves. I’ve kept her at home until last year, and she’s only started piano, Tae Kwon Do, art, and dancing classes recently. When I ask her if it isn’t too much, she says that she wants to do more.
Wish list: Winter outdoor wear (겨울 외출복)

22. Yoonsun and Donghyuk

We are doing our best, and doing quite ok as a happy family. Donghyuk has recently taken an interest in Tayo (the mini-bus). However, he is in need of shoes, so that’s what’s on our wish list this year.
Wish: Shoes (Red, Size: 160)

23. Jungae and Ganghui (6 years old), and Yoonjae

Ganghui, his younger brother Yoonjae and I are a happy family of three. I wanted to get a great Christmas gift for my older son Ganghui, who plays the role of a father, to his younger brother. He likes watching animations and reading stories. I feel bad, always asking Ganghui to give in to his younger brother. I hope that my strong and reliable son, Ganghui gets to receive his Christmas gift this year!

24. Eunnam and Gaheun (26 months)

I am 37 years old, living in Ulsan with 26 months-old Gaheun. My life’s treasure, Gaheun speaks well, and is full of charm. Taking care of a child alone is not easy, and I feel double the weight on my shoulders. But whenever I look into the two bright eyes of this innocent child, I am grateful. Gaheun is the reason that I can be strong. I wish I can make every winter warm for Gaheun.

Wish list: Kongsooni Kitchen Play Set (콩순이 주방놀이)

25. Eunmi and Hyunseo

It’s just the little kid and me. And even I’m too busy after work, all I can do is give the little kid a bath and clean up our home. I always feel sorry that I can’t spend enough time, playing with Hyunseo. But still, I’m grateful that my little daughter is there, calling me ‘mom’. My little daughter is in her stage of growth, and has started to eat all by herself. I can’t express how proud I am of her. I’ll be strong for my little girl, so that she will be proud and loved, wherever she goes.

Wish list: Kiddie dining table. The table at home is too high for Hyunseo right now, so she has to eat with her dishes on the floor.

26. Juyeon and Yeonho

I live with my 19-month-old son. I like making things, so I hand-made almost all of my son’s things. I had some experience with sewing machines, studying at a design school. My son is still at that stage where he just makes a mess of everything, and just being free to do what he wants seems to make him very happy.

Wish list: Warm woolen (knitted) hat and scarf for the little boy. (포근파이세트 G730 – Brown/브라운)

27. Kyungah and Hyun (3 years old)

I don’t know what to say.. Well, as a hobby, I like cooking. Hyun likes cars and books.

Wish: Children’s Hat / muffler / glove set.

28. Yeonkyung and Geunho (1 year old)

I’m turning 20 years old next year, and Geunho just had his first birthday! I like to read, ski, and listen to music. My favorite things are books, music, movies, and, of course, my beloved Geunho!

Geunho’s hobby is to play with his toys (especially cars!). He’s recently started to show interest in dolls. He played with this ragged puppy doll all day, and the doll’s fillings were all falling out. So, I wanted to get him a safer doll to play with. I’m glad to have this opportunity to get him a great gift!

Wish: Doll (Option: A-1 노르딕 베이지 45cm/1개, no44 세라 화이트 45cm/1개)

29. Yeonmi and Yerang

Yerang is a princess with the most beautiful dimples. She likes to sing and dance.

Wish list: Oven/Kitchen Toy – red

30. Jeongah and Ju-ahn (2 years old)

My family is just Ju-ahn and me. Ju-ahn is a 2 year-old boy. He’s mischievous, smart, well mannered, and loves his mom. I have a certificate for making natural soap. I sell home-made soap as a side job. I’d like to get Ju-ahn “Brownie”, the famous puppy doll that’s been on the Gag Concert lately. Ju-ahn likes puppies, but he also loves it when Brownie is on TV. He keeps asking for a puppy, and I think the Brownie doll is adorable, too.

Wish: “Brownie” puppy.

31. Sangjung and Dongyoon (2 years old)

My son and I live at the Mojawon. I’m studying to earn a cook certificate, so that we can stand on our own feet. I can’t stop smiling, looking at my energetic boy.

Wish: Poro boots (귀요미상하 핑크-7호)

32. Soojung and Haeun (3 years old)

I gave birth at the shelter and spent 2 year with my child at the Miss mom home, and just recently got our own place. I’ve just finished my course as a nurse’s aide, and now work as a nurse.

33. Jaereon and Hangil (11 years old)

Hangil likes playing with his friends, and also likes to watch movies with his mother.

Wish: Soccer ball

34. Kyungah and Chae (6 years old)

I live with my beautiful daughter Lee Chae. I make ribbons and do natural dyes. I’m very happy to be with my lovely daughter who is quite shy and like the color pink.

Wish: Hello Kitty Tricycle board

35. Dajung and Seungbeom (28 months)

I gave birth to Seungbeom at a shelter in Daejeon, when I was 18 years old. Then we moved to Ing-a-ter in Daegu, where I studied for, and earned my general equivalency diploma. We’re staying at a two-room apartment now. I was involved in a car accident recently, and am currently working at a part-time job to take care of Seungbeom.

Wish: Melody Potty

36. Yeseul and Soyoon (8 months)

Hi. I’m a single mom, living happily with my 8-month-old baby. I broke-up with the father earlier in pregnancy, but kept the child, trying my best to provide prenatal education. It’s been more than a year since I’ve shared my life with this child. I knew it was going to be difficult, but actually going through the experience of giving birth and raising a child is more difficult than I ever imagined. But still, seeing this child laugh and spending time together makes me happier than anything. My baby seems interested in noises lately, and I try to read him books that make sounds. So, my wish list is something that makes noises!

37. Jungwon and Junhyuk (2 years old)

I had Junhyuk at a late age, and couldn’t let go. And it ended up being just me and Junhyuk. I’m always doing my best to be happy.

Wish: Green finger lotion and oil

38. Juri and Junho (9 years old)

I wasn’t well prepared when I gave birth, and currently I’m living with Junho at Mojawon. There are many things I feel sorry about for my son, as he gets older. But I’m always trying to do my best.

With the recent cold weather, and the increasing back pain, I think something to warm us up would be great. 


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