Holiday gift drive for unwed mom families

Thank you to all the generous donors who made this gift drive a success!

The gift drive was finished on Tuesday — and we only started on Friday.

The speed at which we were able to wrap it up this year shows how much people care and also how the news is spreading about Korean unwed moms and their right to raise their own children. Many thanks to Shannon Heit who organized and translated everything

If you would still like to donate, the moms are asking for children’s books for their unwed mothers’ facility, Heater, and the playroom in the KUMFA office. 

Thank you again for your overwhelming willingness to donate and your support of KUMFA!

In cooperation with KUMFA, TRACK, and ASK, we are once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. By giving small, personal gifts to single moms and their children, we encourage the single moms’ movement to grow in Korea, and the families can enjoy something extra that they otherwise would not be able to have. Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea.

Please help by going to the link below and following the instructions for purchasing a gift. Your help is so appreciated!

1. First, decide which family you would like to sponsor.

2. Second, send an email to saying which family you would like to buy a gift for. This is important to do first so we make sure that we don’t duplicate gifts. Please be sure to include your METHOD of donation in your email (see below).

3. Third, you may donate a gift in one of two ways:

Method One. Directly purchase the gift and send it to family’s home (addresses will be emailed individually). If you send it directly, you may choose to gift wrap, but it is not necessary. If you order it online (some gift requests contain links to websites you can purchase online), you can send it directly to the family’s home.

Method Two. Most gifts are worth about $30. You may send the equivalent of US$30 to the KUMFA Paypal address, which is :


and request that we buy a certain gift on your behalf. Please also make a note saying which family the transfer is for.

If you are in Korea and don’t have Paypal, you may also transfer money:

Korean Exchange Bank (KEB)

Swift Code: KOEXKRSE

Account number: 620-166033-858


The website post will be updated every day. The gifts that still need to be bought are in green. Please help so that each child gets his/her Christmas wish!

Thank you!

Family 1 – DONE! THANK YOU!

My name is Hyomi and I’m 30 years old. I consider myself confident, well-mannered, and pretty cool, hehe. Actually, I’m still new at parenting, but I think I’m a good cook and mother.  Actually, I think I’m pretty cool but I’ve heard from people around me that sometimes my personality can be a bit exhausting but after having my son, Taesung, they said that I’ve become a much brighter and lighter person.  Of course, it’s all thanks to the joy I get from Taesung.

I guess I should introduce Taesung! He just celebrated his first birthday a few months ago and he is now 15 months old.  I’ve hard that he’s a beautiful boy since the day he was born. Seriously, everyone around me tells me how cute and beautiful he is (but aren’t all babies beautiful?). Actually, because I heard that so many times, I thought he must be especially cute and entered him in a beautiful baby contest. Is that silly? But at least he passed the first round ^^ I just wanted to try it once for the memories.

Taesung used to be so gentle and unafraid of strangers, but lately he’s a bit shy around strangers and doesn’t want to leave his mom. But, he loves music!  Whenever he hears music, he suddenly turns into a little boy dancer.  If you are able to attend the Christmas party, perhaps you can see it there? Get ready for it! Actually, on his 1st birthday, he grabbed the microphone – so it’s possible you may see him on TV someday! I’ll end heartthrob Taesung’s introduction here.

As for his Christmas present, I was considering requesting toys but decided that toys are only for a short time.  In order to raise Taesung to be a smart young man, I’ll request a baby’s desk.  I think he can probably use it in about 5 months.

  1. Family 2 – DONE! THANK YOU!

My name is Sumi, I’m a confident, 36-year-old mom and office worker.  My son, Sean, was born September 16, 2010 and is now 15-months-old. Sean’s father and I split up when he was around 5 months old and now we are living together, just the two of us. Actually, we live near my parents, so Sean is not lonely.  Since I’m working, in the morning Sean plays with his grandmother and in the afternoon, he plays with his babysitter.  Next year, I hope to send him to a nursery school where he can play with other children his age. He also has an uncle but he lives far away so it’s not easy to see him, since he also works.  His grandfather also loves Sean very much, but he can really only play with him for about 5 minutes at a time, hehe.  Sean loves to see his playmates’ older sisters and brothers. Actually, he’s bigger than most other kids his age and he’s just recently started to understand lots of words.  Also, he’s a bit stubborn…but when he smiles, he has the cutest dimples.  Hehe, I think I’ve gone on and on about Sean for too long.  But anyways, in my eyes he is such a lovely child.  For his present, I’d like to request some baby winter boots (size 140). It would be great if they were fleece-lined boots like this or something similar.  Thank you.

Family 3 – DONE! THANK YOU!

I’m Seungbin’s mom. I’m 27 years old. My son, Seungbin, will celebrate his first birthday this December . We currently live with my mom inAnyang. I’m not really sure how I should introduce our family.For Seungbin’s present, I am hoping for a child’s hat and scarf. Thank you!


Mu name is Hyesook.  My son, Sungkhan’s is 20-month-old. We recently moved into KUMFA’s unwed mothers’ facility, Heater.  Before moving here, I was staying in a domestic violence shelter in Gimhae.  A few days ago, my mom caught chicken pox, so currently we are both stuck in the house L For Sungkhan’s present, I am hoping for winter pants.

Family 5

My name is Misun. My daughter, Raelle’s, is almost 3-year-old (Korean age 4). Ellie was born in 2009 and she is just now starting to talk a lot. So, she really enjoys Robocar Paulie, who also talks a lot. For her Christmas present, I would like to request a Robocar Paulie toy.


My name is Bokyoung. I’m an unwed mother who is struggling to raise her two kids, 8-year-old Hyelim (Korean age 9) and 6-year-old Eunlim (Korean age 7). My first child, Hyelim is ill so she has to be hospitalized often. Although we are struggling financially, I haven’t lost hope and I will continue to work hard to provide for my children.  For a present, I am asking for wet wipes (wet tissues).


My name is Eunnam.  My daughter’s name is Gaheun – she just recently celebrated her first birthday. Gaheun has just started trying to walk and is curious about everything around her. For her present, I am hoping to receive shoes for Gaheun (size 140).


My name is Hyeonmi and my daughter, Eunsun, is 27-months-old.  I am so thankful that someone wants to give a Christmas present to Eunsun.  For her present, I am requesting Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

Family 9-DONE! THANK YOU! 

My name is Eunhee and my daughter, Dayoon, is 5-years-old. Dayoon enjoys drawing so I’d like to request a sketchbook, children’s pastels, and children’s colored pencils for her.

Family 10 -DONE! THANK YOU!

Hello, I am a 30-year-old, “scary” mom, Yoonmi.  Currently, I live at war with my 3-year-old rascal/prince son, Bosung (just last month he tried to eat the electric pad for my microwave coffee pot!) Bosung really loves playing with cars and recently he keeps begging me to buy him a firetruck, so I told him to ask Santa Claus to bring him a fire truck for Christmas! I told him if he is a good boy and listens to his mom, Santa will give him one for Christmas and I think he will be so happy if his Christmas wish comes true. I know I shouldn’t be asking such a thing since I have nothing to give and am only receiving, but I promise to tell Bosung that the present is from Santa Claus. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love you.


My name is JyoungAh. I live with my hot-tempered mom and my cutie-patootie daughter, Jooahn, who could win anyone over with her charms and her killer smile. The three of us are living happily together. For a present, Jooahn would like to receive a Sue Crane rabbit doll (65cm size).

Family 12 – DONE! THANK YOU!

Hello, my name is Yiseul. I’m a 24-year-old mother raising my 1-year-old daughter, Eunseo (Korean age 2). I know I’m a young mother, but I’m raising my daughter with love, just like every other mother. For his Christmas present, I would like to request a pink Hello Kitty hat.


My name is Haera. My son’s name is Isac. We live inGoyangCity. We are a very beautiful, happy mother-and-son family. For his Christmas present, I’d like to request a Power Ranger Miracle Pose Ray-on Phone.

Family 14 DONE! THANK YOU!

My name is Bora and my son, Jungjoon is 4-years-old (Korean age 5). If you see the photo, it may appear that he is a girl, but he’s a boy – one who is completely into the Power Rangers.  For his Christmas present, I’d like to request the board game, Chicken Cha-cha.

Family 15

My name is Soorin and my daughter, Songbi, just celebrated her first birthday. Recently, she started attending nursery classes. We live inSuwonCityand my beautiful daughter is always very sweet and cute to her mother.  For her Christmas present, I’d like to request an Ahatoy baby slide.


My name is Seoyeon and my daughter, Hyebin is 2-years-old (Korean age 3). She is the most beautiful girl in the world! I’m so thankful to the person who chooses to give her a Christmas present.  For her present, I would like to request a Talking Hamster doll.

Family 17 – DONE! THANK YOU! 

My name is Hyejin and my son, June, just celebrated his first birthday. I would like to say thanks to whoever sponsors his Christmas gift.  For his Christmas present, I would like to request toy cars.


My name is Sunyoung and my son, Seungha is 3-years-old (Korean age 4). Lately, he’s very curious about everything around him and loves to play with Tayo Tayo toys. For his Christmas present, I’m requesting a Tayo train track set.


My name is Hyeonjin and my daughter’s name is Taehhe. Do you know Kim Taehee? She’s the beautiful famous actress who graduated fromSeoulNationalUniversity. My daughter Taehee will one day be as outstanding of a person as the actress Taehee, hehe. Taehee received a present on Children’s Day and now again on Christmas! I’m so thankful. I wish you lots of luck for the New Year! ^^ For her Christmas present, I’d like to request a “Hello Kitty Face” trashcan and Hello Kitty pillow.

Family 20 DONE! THANK YOU!

My name is Hyohyeon and my daughter, Nayeon is 3-years-old (Korean age 4).  For her Christmas present, I’d like to request a girl’s winter coat (size 140).

Presents to keep for new babies at the unwed mom and child shelter called “Heater”

Children’s picture books and toys (for infants).

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