Reality of Unwed Mothers and Support for Self-Reliance

Reality of Unwed Mothers and Support for Self-Reliance

The full English translation of “Adoption Counseling Services Experienced by Unwed Mothers in Korea,” written by Choi Hyoung Sook from Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (KUMFA/Miss Mamma Mia) and translated by Dr. Lee Mi-jeong from Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI)  is available on the link above.

This is the script of a presentation given at the 60th Women’s Policy Forum held on February 24, 2010 atthe International Conference Hall of the Korea Press Center, Seoul, Korea under the theme of “Reality ofUnwed Mothers and Support for Self-Reliance.” The event was hosted by the Korean Women’sDevelopment Institute (KWDI) and sponsored by the Korea Unwed Mothers Support Network (KUMSN).The English translation of this script was made possible with support from Dr. Boas.

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