Gift drive for single moms’ families

The gift drive has been successfully completed! Thank you to all the wonderful donors who have generously contributed. 

If after talking with a TRACK team member, you haven’t yet sent in your payment to cover your pledge, or you haven’t specified whether or not you would like to be listed in the conference program booklet, please do so as soon as possible. People in Korea should order the gifts by Saturday May 7 at the very latest in order to get them wrapped on May 10. 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Many people have become interested in the connection between international adoption from Korea and unwed moms, since 90% of babies sent for international adoption these days are born to unwed moms. Moms are not bad people just because they are not married; they should have the same opportunities to raise their child just like any other mom. Instead, their children are systematically sent for adoption.Are you wondering how can you personally make a difference?

In cooperation with the unwed mothers’ group in Seoul (KUMFA aka”Miss Mamma Mia”), TRACK is again organizing a gift drive so single moms’ families can directly feel the warmth and encouragement of people such as you. This time, we will present the gifts during our celebrations for the 1st Single Moms’ Day in Korea on May 11 in front of Kyobo Bookstore (the Barnes and Noble of Korea). By giving small, personal gifts to single moms and their children, we encourage the single moms’ movement to grow in Korea, and the families can enjoy something extra that they otherwise would not be able to have. Many single moms live in shelters and have fallen below the poverty line and cannot buy anything but the bare necessities.

If you would like to send a personal gift to one of the families, please follow the 2 instructions below:

1. First, send an email to saying which family you would like to buy a gift for. This is important to do first so we make sure that we don’t duplicate gifts. If you wish, you may include a short message for the family for whom you are buying a gift.

2. Second, you may purchase a gift in one of two ways:

A. Directly purchase the gift and send it to the office of Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association (Miss Mamma Mia). The address is:

서울시 마포구 연남동 255-33, 새로나 빌라 B2호

KUMFA, Saelona Villa, B2, Yeonnam-dong 255-33, Mapo-gu, Seoul

phone for the delivery guy: 02-2682-3376

It is helpful if you can wrap the gift, but if you want to send it directly by gmail, we can wrap it for you. –or—

B. Most gifts are worth about $40. You may send the equivalent of US$40 to the TRACK Paypal address, which is :


and request that we buy a certain gift on your behalf. Please also make a note saying which family the transfer is for.

You may also wire money:

Woori Bank

Swift Code: HVBKKRSE

Account number: 1002-738-888382


If you are outside Korea, the fee to wire the money will probably be almost as much as the value of the gift, so if at all possible, please try Paypal.

Please reserve your item early so everything can be delivered from the store and wrapped beautifully in time for the event on May 11. 

This website post will be updated every day. The gifts that still need to be bought are in green. Please help so that each child gets his/her wish! Thank you!

First Family – DONE!

Mother: Kim Duk Won

Daughter: Kim Pyong Hwa (Korean Age: 4 Years; American Age: 3 Years)

Requested Gift: Playmax Dinoops House Ball Tent 

Family Introduction

These days she’s at the peak of her terrible 4’s. She talks a lot. She is about 33 months old and holds and plays with her 33 year old mom every day.  She is clever and laughs aloud so much. After deciding to become a single mother, it has always hard and also mentally tough, but this baby is my strength.  She consumes most of my time and energy.  In this world the most special and precious thing is my lovable child who looks just like me. My daughter is a force in my life and I am living life even more to the fullest. If you see our mother and daughter photo, I assure you that you can see we are very loving.

Second Family DONE! 

Mother: Lee, Su Rin

Child: Lee, Song Bi

Family Introduction

We should present you with a happy looking photo, but we do not have one decent family photo. If we could afford it, then it would have been nice to take a family photo. We have not even been able to show her around the neighborhood for her first birthday. We cannot leave because this place is an industrial complex and the environment and air are not good. At the end of this spring we must move to another place and if we are able to take a stroll around, I want to show her many things.

Requested Gift

Kong Suni Computer (Children’s Korean-English Word Dictionary)

Third Family – DONE!

Mother: Cho Sae ra

Cho, Ha Eun (17 Months)

Requested Gift: Ball Tent

Fourth Family  DONE!

Mother: Oh, Hyun He

Child: Kim, Yae Ho (25 month-old, Boy)

Family Introduction

I have a 25 month old son and I am 32 year old Miss Mom. Although raising a baby alone is really hard, these days the cute things he does힘들었나싶습니다.

Requested Gift

Foldable House Set (with dolls included) 39,750 KRW

Fifth Family – DONE! 

Mother: Kim, Bo kyung

Daughters: Kim, Hye Rim (9 years old), Kim, Eun Rim (7 years old)

Family Introduction

I am single mom raising two children, a 9 year old and a 7 year old. Hye Rim has suffered from a rare disease for many years and due to this disease, I am unable to work. We are having a hard time while living at the single mom and child facility, but we are trying very hard and we have not lost hope.

Requested Gift

Hye Rim:

Eun Rim: Our Study Secret Books Set

Sixth Family DONE! 

Mother: Kim, Hyun Jin

Child: Kim, Tae-hee (20 Months)

Family Introduction

This is my loving and calm 20 month old Kim Tae-hee and I am her kind-hearted mother Kim Hye Jin.

Requested Gift:

Hello Kitty Products

Seventh Family DONE!

Mother: Kim, So Jeong

Child: Kim, Min-ki (18 months)

Family Introduction

I am raising an 18month old boy.  He does not have many toys and I am so glad that he has the chance to be provided with toys.

Requested Gift:

Ball Tent

Eighth Family DONE!

Mother: Lee, Hyon-hee

Child: Lee, Jae-Ha

Family Introduction

I am Lee Hyon Hee the 29 year old living in Suwon’s Miss Mamma Mia acting as “pigdeer”. First, since I am not in the capacity to give to my son, thank you for agreeing to help prepare a gift on my behalf. I will introduce my son to you. He was born on December 19, 2010 and soon we will celebrate the 100th day old Lee Je Ha. Because he is still an infant and it is quite cold we have not able to take him to celebrate, but already I want to brag about him.

Requested Gift

Missing Child Locator 

Ninth Family DONE! 

Mother: Shin, Soon Hee

Child: Shin, Ji-A

Family Introduction

Hi. This year Shin JiA is turning 3 years old. I am her mother Shin Soon hee. Don’t we look alike? 😀 We could never separate, and we are so much alike. Our mother-daughter relationship is the kind that gives single mothers the strength to live in this world.

Requested Gift

Lost Child Prevention Bracelet

Tenth Family DONE! 

Mother: Yoon, Mi Sun

Child: Yoon, Lael (30 Months)

Family Introduction

Lael was born September 2008 and just turned 30 months old. These days she is learning how to speak, often asking “Mom, what is this?” To Lael I answer the same question with varied responses. I think it would be great for Lael to have books.

Requested Gift

Children’s Books

Eleventh Family DONE!

Mother: Kim, Eun Mi (Expectant mother)

Family Introduction

First I must thank you for giving a gift for Children’s Day and for your generosity. Honestly, as a single mother being in this position is not a good place to be in and I am at a loss over where to go to get help. Moreover, because I am still pregnant I am unsure about how and in what ways I should prepare. So when I think of all the strength from people who have done such good deeds I really moved. In any case, it will be a slow road. I am living alone pregnant with my child in Incheon. Presently I am in my 5th month of pregnancy and I am expecting in August.

Requested Gift


Twelfth Family – DONE! 

Mother: Kim Sun Young

Child: Kim, Jiha (15 Months)

Family Introduction

I am 31 year old Kim Sun Young. My baby is 15 month old boy named Kim Ji Ha. I heard about giving gifts for Children’s Day on the Adoption TRACK organization website through Miss Mamma Mia Café and applied. I am very thankful. As a single mother making a living at first seemed like I couldn’t make it and although it has been difficult, now I am an extremely happy mother. Also through the continued efforts of TRACK I am even now very glad to meet you.

Requested Gift


Thirteenth Family- DONE!

Mother: Oh, Sumi

Child: Oh, Sean

Family Introduction

First and foremost thank you very much for offering to give a gift.  Our baby is just 6 months old little boy. In the meantime I could not afford to buy him any toys. Since I was five months pregnant with him I have been alone. Though now our family has improved and we are living well. I am a novice mother and it seems my child has suffered quite a lot. I should give a simple introduction but I am not sure what I should say. But yes, in any case, I am just so thankful. I will show you the photo with my baby. This is his 100 day photo. Maybe he will start walking in his infancy stage in May, so I wanted to be able to give him a present.

Requested Gift

Melody Winnie the Pooh Push Toy

Fourteenth Family DONE!

Mother: Song, Yoon Hee

Child: Yoon, Jeong Min

Family Introduction

Hello! This is my Jeong Min family living in Dongjak-Gu. Our Jeong Min has just turned 8 months old. Although he is still kept a secret, he is healthy, laughs well, and is growing up well. I heard about this news through an online café.

Requested Gift

Pororo Children’s Sofa

15th Family DONE!

Mom: Kim Jeong Won

Kid: Kim Rosa

  1. Introduction

I am an unwed mother living in Incheon in Ganghwa-do raising my 5 year old.

  1. Present

My daughter really loves Mickey Mouse so we are asking for a Mickey Mouse doll.  When I looked online there is a doll that is 45 cm and it’s 19,000 won, if it’s possible to get the 5year old size that is 100cm I will be very grateful.

16th family  DONE! 

Mom: Kim Min Sung

Kid: Kim Dong Hyuk

  1. Introduction

Hello, I am  Dong Hyuk’s mom Kim Min Sung.  Dong Hyuk likes to read books,especially before he goes to sleep he likes to read children’s books, play with his mother, and really likes the animation Thomas and Friends as well as Dora the Explorer.  Starting in March when he eats dinner at his preschool he starts to get sleepy and will wake up just once and be a little cranky and as for Thomas.

  1. Present

Dong Hyuk wants to have a Train set.

17th family -DONE!

Mom: Kim Hyo Mi

Kid: Kim Tae Seong 6 months

  1. Introduction

Hello, first I want to thank you very much for giving gifts to my son for children’s day he is 6 months old.  He is a big and healthy baby and whenever we go anywhere people always confuse him for being a year old baby! He is a VERY happy baby.  My son is very cute don’t you think?  I am a little bit of silly mom.   If he doesn’t see his mom he will cry and seems to be a little bit stubborn already.  He is a healthy baby that loves to be around his mother.

  1. Present

Porroro Jumper Airplane 

18th Family DONE!

Mom: Kim Ae Jin

Kid: Kim Min Kyul (15 months)

  1. Introductoin

I am an unwed mother raising my son who is over one year old.

  1. Present

Mimi world’s “dool dool house and doll” set.

19th Family

Mom: Yoon Bo Ra

Kid: Bae Jeong Joon 5 years

  1. Present:

Power Ranger Jungle Pose Jungle Hunter DX doll. (정글헌터)

20th Family – DONE! 

Mom: Choi Hyun Joo

Kid: No Jeong Won (6 years)

  1. Introduction

My son is 6 years old and these days he is crazy and lives for “spinning tops.”  These days he studies Korean and math and has dreams of becoming a police officer.

  1. Reqest: Dinosaur books

21st Family: DONE!

Mom: Jo Seo Yeon

Kid: Jo Hae Bin

  1. Introduction

Hello even though we have not meet in person I am asking for a present so I feel a little bit awkward, but thankful to TRACK and those who are giving presents.  My daughter was born 2009 in January.  When she became three years old she has started to become more and more curious Every time she goes to a friends house an sees a piano she wants to have it.

  1. Present

Oliver Star Little star biael piano

22nd Family – DONE!

Mom: Jo Su Young

Kid: Jo Eun Song

  1. Introduction

Hello my name is Jo Su Yeong and I am 41 and a Miss Mamma Mia member.  I live in Incheon with my son.  40 is a somewhat of an old age so I decided to have my child and it has been hard but I don’t regret it one bit and we are living a strong a bright life together.

  1. Present

Toy car

23rd Family DONE!

Mom: Kim Do Kyung

Kid: Kim Tae Ho

  1. Introduction

Hello I am a Miss Mamma Mia member Tae Ho’s mom.  Thank you so much for thinking about a present for our kids for Single Moms’ Day! Tae Ho wants to have a transformers robot.

  1. Present

Transformers Optimus Prime

24th Family DONE!

Mom: Pak Eun Kyu

Kid: Pak Hyun Jun, Pak Hyun Ji, Pak Hyun Jin

  1. Introduction

Hello I am an unwed mother who is raising 3 children.  The first is 6, the second is 4 the third is 7 months old and I myself am 41 years old.  I get sick and sometimes am in pain and it’s hard but I do not forget the hope that I live for.  In cold weather my joints hurt a lot and it effects my whole body.  But even though this happens my children are my roots that keep me strong.  Event hough my healthy is not so good when I look at my kids I gain strength.

  1. Present

–          1st kid: A desk to study and a chair

–          2nd Kid: A desk to study and a chair

–          3rd kid: Slide

25th FamilyDONE!

Mom: Bae Jung Ah

Kid: Bae Joo Ahn

  1. Introduction

Hello I 25 and live down in Ulsan with my son.  My son is now 11 months old and his first birthday is really coming up soon!   Thank you for gift!

  1. Present

Porroro Car or Ball play pen

26th FamilyDONE!

Mom: Kim Jin Sook

Kid: Kim Tae Yang

  1. Introduction

Hello I am unwed mother Kim Jin Sook.  Thank you so much for giving a children’s day present.  I am 32 years old and my princess is 6 months old.

  1. Present

Edu Ball 에듀볼

27th Family DONE!

Mom: Hu Lu Na

Kid: Pak Mi Jeung

  1. Introduction

Hello I am Hu Lu Na I was born in 78 and am 32 years old.  My daughter is Pak Mi Jeung an her nickname is “byul”(star) and is now 15 months old.

  1. Present

A doll and play house set (똘똘이집세트)

28th Family DONE!

Mom: Kim Hyu Sun

Kid: Kim Yeu Eun

  1. Introduction

Hello I am Kim Hyu Sun I am 25 and living as a strong single mom.  My daughter is now 6 months old and her name is Kim Yeu Eun.  I live in Ulsan in an unwed mothers house.  Thank you for thinking of my daughter and doing the great work that you do.

  1. Present

Sunflower Stroller 

Mom: Cheon Hee Kyung

Kids: Cheon Sae In, Cheon Sae Chang (Twins 8 months old)

  1. Introduction

Hello I am raising 8 month old twins Sae In and Sae Chang.

  1. Present

You can find it on Auction a548759876 a203 type size 140 Nike sneakers. 2 pairs for my twins.

30th FamilyDONE!

Mom: Cho Seung Hae

Kid: Cho Ohl Eum 20 months

  1. Introduction

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in giving our children presents.  I am Cho Seung Hae raising my 20 month year old daughter.  I studied Korean language in University and since then I have been working for the press, hagwons, and school and then I became a mother.  Since I am raising my daughter alone I have to find more sustainable work soon.  When looking for work there are things I am interested but I need to gain more skills for certain jobs so I am learning about fashion designing.  I have also taught Korean to foreigners before and enjoy exercise.  When I think about it my goal in life is to live in happiness.  I am an unwed mother, single mother but more than that I am my daughter Cho Ohl Eum’s mother and I live for her.

  1. Present


31st Family – DONE! 

Mom: Kwon Sun Hae

Kid: Kwon Min Seo (4 years old)

  1. Introduction

I am raising my 4-year-old daughter.

  1. Present

Winter clothes or fall clothes that are red or a bright dark color is good, but not pink.  My daughter is 29 months and she is 95 cm and 14.5 kg which is big for her age.  So size 120 is good so that she can be able to wear it for a long time.

32nd Family
Mother: Lee, Ju Mee
Child: Lee, Shi Jin

Hello. Shi Jin was born on April 27, 2010, and it’s hard to believe how quickly she grows. She eats so well, at six months she weighed ten kilograms! Right now, Shi Jin could use house dresses (실내복)*. Thank you for your gift.

Request: house dresses or housecoats (실내복)

33rd Family DONE! 
Mother: Ko, Yoon Son
Child: Ko, Dong

I am the mother of seven month old Dong

Bright Child House Set (똘똘이집세트) which is approximately 40,000 KRW. (The set might include a doll or puppet for an additional 6000 KRW and the following web address accompanies this request.)^list&xfrom=cart^list

34th Family DONE! 
Mother: Park, Jeong Suk
Child: Park, Chay Yeong

Hello. I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you and yet I am asking for this favor…Chay Yeong is seven years old and would like a Barbie Doll and Barbie clothing set or coupon book (도서상품권 / 책구입).

Request: Barbie Doll with Barbie clothing set

35th Family – Done! 
Mother: Choi Hyeong Suk
Child: Choi Jun Seo

Jun Seo is seven years old. He is an active child and very loving. Every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he gives his mother a hug. Jun Seo and his mother thank you for your special gift. Jun Seo’s mother hopes her beloved son will one day make a brilliant contribution to society. Whatever you decide to give, your gift will be appreciated.

Any WHY series book relating to rocket science and astronomy, light and sound or other physical sciences, microscopic organisms, or food science/nutrition.)

36th Family DONE!
Mother: Wu Son Huei
Child: Wu Ji Hun

Thank you for all that you’re doing. I am Wu Son Huei. Fourteen month old Wu Ji Hun is an active boy. Even though it can be challenging these days–because he asks for many things–we are joyful and Ji Hun is beginning to understand a lot!

Request: Blocks

37th Family DONE! 
Mother: Cho Su Kyeong
Child: Cho Jueo

I am living with my child in an assisted home. I attend nursing school and work an evening shift. I work hard and do my best in order to provide for my child’s future. My son is 19 months old and a very active boy.

a blue (for a boy) Pororo bag (뽀로로미아방지 가방)

38th Family   DONE!
Mother: Kim Eun Jeong
Child: Yu Yeon Ho

Yu Yeon, a cute boy, is strong like his mother.

Pororo cushioned potty chair

39th Family DONE!
Mother: Choi Eui Song
Child: Choi Yuna

Hello. My 27 month old daughter is very charming and laughs a lot. She likes rabbits and baubles, hairpins and skirts. Because of TRACK, many people have been interested in my daughter’s well being and I am grateful.

Spring clothing for a girl, size 110

40th Family
Mother: Kam Eunnam
Child: Kam Kaheun

Hello. Thank you so very much for your gift. I am 36 years old and living in Ulsan. My child’s name is Kaheun. He is six months old. Kaheun is growing quickly and we are grateful for many things. I am surprised and deeply moved by your kindness. Again, thank you for this opportunity.

Request: Ball Tent

41st Family DONE!
Mother’s name: Ho Jiyeon
Child’s name: not listed

My child is seven years old and recently started school. He went to school courageously. His effort is praiseworthy. Thank you for your efforts. I’d like to mention again how grateful I am for the unexpected gift.

Request: Electronic keyboard

42nd Family DONE!
Mother’s name: Choi, Hyeona
Child’s name: Choi, Tae-in

Hello. My beautiful, bright-eyed son Tae-in just celebrated his first birthday on March 3. Your present will make him very happy.

Tae-in would like a toddler cup with a reusable straw and books. A book chart would be very useful too. Thank you for letting us know about this opportunity.

Request: straw cups, books

43rd Family DONE!
Mother: Kim Yeon Jeong
Children: Park Sanguek (6 years old) and Park Jaeun (4 years old)

I am raising two sons, a six year old and a four year old.

Two remote control cars, one for Sanguek and another one for Jaeun.

44th Family DONE!
Mother: Hwang Sol
Child: Bae Seo Jun

Hello. Seo Jun was born on December 8, 2010. We would appreciate a set of baby foods now that Seo Jun is starting to eat food. Baby food is not always provided at the facility where we live.

Request: food containers

45th Family DONE!
Mother: Mok Kyeonghwa
Child: Mok Hoseong, age 7

My son is playful and very clever. He likes blocks, puzzles, chess, baseball and soccer. His kindergarten class is studying English so I’d like to request English books.


English Zone books(4 volume set) published by Happy Child Books (아이즐북스)

우리모속에 뭐가 들어있다고? Written by Kim Yeong Myeong (김 열명) and Illustrated by Kim Yurae (김 유래) Publisher: Four Seasons (사계절 출판사)


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