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What is Single Moms’ Day?

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About the terminology

What is an “unwed mother”?  “Unwed mother” is the literal translation of the Korean word “미혼모.” Unwed mothers who are raising their kids are especially discriminated against in Korea specifically because they have never been married. That is why so … Continue reading

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Int’l Conference for the 1st Single Moms’ Day

Redefining Family: Moving from Adoption to Family Preservation Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Place: Community Chest of Korea Conference Room Hosts: Miss Mamma Mia (KUMFA), Korean Single Parent Alliance, TRACK, KoRoot Sponsors: Kyobo Bookstore, Osang, Corporation Leftovers Love Sharing Community, KUMSN, Mi n Mi … Continue reading

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UN CRC reports for South Korea

Here are the UN CRC reports for Korea. 1012 CRC NGOreport South.Korea_ngo_report 2010 state report

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입양특례법 개정 올바른 방향은

뉴욕에서 발행되는 잡지 ‘미국의 입양 가족’에 따르면 2009년과 2010년 사이 미국 양부모들이 한국 아동 한 명을 입양하는 데 지불한 비용은 평균 3만7586달러였다. 반면 미국의 위탁보육 아동을 입양할 경우 그 비용은 2744달러에 불과했다. 사회복지 벗어나 산업으로 변질 이런 상황은 어떻게 설명될 … Continue reading

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