More Pictures from the Exhibition

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Thanks again to all who made the Girl #4708’s vision into reality. We are in the process of getting all the texts translated and tidying up now.

Please let us know if you would like to have all or part of this exhibition come to your city. It is very flexible in its design; we could even send you blank tags and stamps, guns, and hangers if you’d like to replicate this quite moving and telling experience of mass production.

Despite our best intentions to keep things orderly, we made a box full of mistakes. Each tag represents one Korean child sent overseas for adoption. Each misplaced, forgotten, thrown away, ripped-up, spilled-on, smeared, misstamped, lost and found again later tag still represents one child, one file. We keep finding stray tags now — one at a time, sets of them– unlabeled, unaccounted for. I found a stray tag today next to the door of my apartment, next to the garbage can and the shoes. “Where do you belong, little girl? How did you get here?”


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