Call for Images

Girl 4708 here.

Jane is off decompressing before her wedding, so I’m standing in for her until she resurfaces…

We know you’re dying to hear how the installation went, and we’re going to tell you, but we are sorely in need of images.  She and I were too busy working ’round the clock to document the process ourselves, but we know that maybe a thousand photos and a few videos were taken.

Please, if you have some and wouldn’t mind sharing, please send them to me: so we can do some proper posts about it.  We will, of course, give you credit for your work!

Also, many volunteers forgot to sign on the sign-up sheet.  We also want to document how many people contributed and how much total time was logged in.  So if you were there and you helped work, please feel free to send me that data as well.

This was an incredible COMMUNITY effort, YOU were all very much a part of the art, and I thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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