200,000 price tags are here!

The front of each tag is a travel certificate (for the longest holiday!) The back side says “Age,” “Weight,” and “Height.” The letters underneath the bar code represent human genetic code.

By stamping each tag with a unique number, we honor each individual Korean citizen who was sent overseas for adoption.

The tags start to feel like playing cards. When they are spread across your desk at work (“Jane, what are you doing?”)  and you have only done about 60, which leaves 199,940 left to go …you realize you need more workspace so you take over some empty desks … (now up to around 300) … which leaves 199,700 left to go …

and you begin to realize the enormity of the (adoption) project … and have the idea that the lawmakers themselves should stamp a few hundred travel certificates with their own hands and then ponder what they can do RIGHT NOW, NOT LATER to support vulnerable families in Korea!  빨리 빨리!

Thanks to Stamp Champs Lea, Rae, Greg, and Frank, who got sent back to their motel with tags for #551  through about #28,000. It’s a big project!

It’s not our fault they sent so many kids!

Since we can’t make everyone stamp 28,000 tags, please support this project by sending in your orphan mug shots and/or your money! 60-100k is OK for your digital mugshot. Any amount, no matter how small, helps to defray costs for this $4,000 project — a small investment for the change that’s gonna come.

Bill written by Gonggam Lawyer So Rami and sponsored by Rep. Choi Young-hee of the Korean Democratic Party!

That’s hot Korean-on-Korean action! Honk honk!

Paypal or send mug shot to: truthreconcile@gmail.com

Greetings from Seoul, Korea!


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