We need YOU to make art history inside S. Korea’s parliament

Our adoption law revision bill has been checked for legality and approved; our bill has been introduced in a press conference; and we have attended countless hours of meetings and public hearings. Now it’s time to MAKE A BILL INTO LAW!

South Korean national parliamentarian Choi Young-hee (DP) has asked TRACK to make some art in order to garner support amongst lawmakers for the adoption law revision bill that was proposed by coalition of ASK-KoRoot-Miss Mamma Mia-TRACK and written by the Gonggam Public Interest Lawyers.

Not only that, but we have gotten permission to make our art inside the National Assembly complex, in the building where the lawmakers debate, and leave it there from June 9-15.  This is a huge victory to have a lawmaker so squarely on our side.

Now we are going to show them what 200,000 international adoptees look like.

So they can just ponder that.

The nature of the site is a big atrium connecting two parts of a building. That means that every national lawmaker in South Korea will be forced to walk through our exhibit. Every lawmaker will be forced to think about South Korea’s responsibility to care for its own citizens. Every lawmaker.

Amongst TRACK members, we’ve nicknamed this project “The Walk of Shame.” Make no mistake, your average Korean is ASHAMED that the country has sent away their most precious natural resource — their children. And they feel GUILTY that they continue to do it in the face of the G20. What we want to show them is that they don’t have to just stew in the shame and guilt. That’s not productive. Instead, they can proactively take the bull by the horns and make laws that promote family preservation instead of international adoption.

Over 89% of adoptees sent in 2008 and 2009 were children of single mothers.  There are no little war orphans anymore — only discrimination and the laws that institutionalize it. If you don’t like the rules, well then, you have to change them. We are a small band of proactive adoptees, Korean single mothers who believe they have the right to raise their own children, and Korean and international allies who have been quietly working toward that for about two years. Now this is the final hour and we need your help. This rises above partisan politics, because this is for the people. We are challenging them to do it before the G20.

So it’s time to pull out all the stops! We need your help. Without your help, we will fail. Please read the pamphlet below that Suki (the mastermind with an architecture background!) has made that shows what we are going to do.

If you can help with your hands, that is wonderful. Please contact Suki at admin@adoptionjustice.com and/or Jane Jeong Trenka at jjtrenka@gmail.com and let them know what time you can show up at the National Assembly.

If you cannot help with your hands, please consider a donation of two types.

<– This is Jane, adopted through KSS and for some reason, no mug shot. A photo like this or one of the more archetypal adoptee mug shots with number would be great.

1. A donation of your adoption photo to be used in the the exhibit. Let’s remind them what all the tags represent. Each tag represents a precious life. Don’t let them forget how precious you are.

2. A donation of money.  This project is costing TRACK about $4,000 in PVC pipes and joints, printing, fabric, stamps, tag guns, little plastic parts, lights, etc. We did not sponsor an event for Adoption Day this year because we do not have the funds. We are pouring everything into this instead. As you know, no one at TRACK earns a cent of salary, and we take only private donations. (No religious or government funds.) We are run with 100% volunteer labor. You can send a Paypal donation to us at truthreconcile@gmail.com. Click here for our bank account info. Anything, no matter how small, is welcome.

This is going to be a HUGE art project right in the belly of the beast!

WE CAN DO IT and we have ONE BIG CHANCE, JUNE 9-15.

Please participate! Together, we can do the impossible!!

~Thank you from TRACK’s grateful and happily productive adoptees!!!~


You’re going to the 국회의원회관 on Yeouido 여의도.

That is the building in the front in the picture that is shaped like a backwards C.

You can click on the google link to see exactly where it is in Seoul.

From the ground, the building looks like this.

Take subway Line 9 and get out at Exit 6. Cross the street and it is the building to the left of the big lawn.

Useful phrases (maybe not perfect grammar, but they will get the point!)

(For taxi) Please take me to the National Assembly on Yeouido.

여의도에서 있는 국회의원회관에 가주세요.

(If someone stops you and asks) I came to participate in Rep. Choi Young-hee’s and the overseas adoptees’ art installation.

최영희 국회의원과  해외얍양인들의 설치 미술에 참석하려고 왔습니다.

Bring ID — your passport or Korean alien registration card. You should not need it to enter, but because you will be on central government grounds, you should be prepared to show your ID at any time to guards and so forth.

Make international adoption history!

Be part of the first group of international adoptees to go back to their country of birth and actually help to change the laws that created them. Is it impossible? NO! Positive change for Korea is just within our grasp. SEE YOU THERE!!

Please see writing for the art exhibit here:



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