Spring donation drive for unwed moms and families

photo by m_bartosch

The adopted Koreans who are living in Seoul are collecting items for the “unwed mothers” (미혼모). This is to support and encourage unwed mothers who are bravely raising their own children — instead of sending their children overseas for adoption — in the face of poverty and social discrimination . As you may know already, around 90% of children sent for overseas adoption are children of unwed mothers.

This Sunday from 1-5 we are having a clothing, things/necessity type of drive. We are looking for pretty much anything that would be helpful! Kitchen supplies, baby clothes, women’s clothes, books, bags, etc. So if you would like to donate to their organization please email shinjooae@gmail.com with the description of the item that you would like to donate.

**Please note that, as you know, living space in Korea is small so we must screen items first to make sure they are items that are needed, so as not to have to re-donate them. Please donate clean, useful items, that is, things that you yourself would also be happy to receive.

Joo Ae will screen items in advance and see if anyone needs that item. If it is needed, you can drop it off at the Single Parent Support Center near Daelim Station line 2 and 7 this Sunday March 14 between 1-5. However if you absolutely cannot make it at that time we can try to arrange another way to get the item to the mother in need.

Thank you for your generousity and supporting the mothers of Miss Mamma Mia!!!


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