English portions of law revision booklet

Thanks to Korean War Baby, the English-language portion of the booklet from the last law revision hearing is online here:


Thank you Don !

You can view the entire booklet, with both English and Korean portions, by clicking on the link  below.


And in case you didn’t see it on our other Web site due to construction, here’s our emailing informing all about this hearing:

The next and last public hearing on *the government’s* adoption law revision bill will be

Tuesday, Dec. 29 at 1:30 at KWDI

English-Korean translation provided (a victory! yay!)

Now, it is time to rouse yourself from you turkey, ham and cookie coma!! See how they’ve scheduled this when most adoptees are in Western countries for Christmas? That means the rest of us who are still in Korea have to REPRESENT!

There are two main issues that we think are wrong in the government bill.

1. 72-hour waiting period. The gov’t is saying that mothers should be able to relinquish children 72 hours after birth, and this would be followed up by a court hearing. This is better than what it is now (babies relinquished in the womb, no court hearing), but the waiting time is still not long enough. This is based on an American model, whereas European models (countries with adequate social welfare) allow 30-60 days.

2. There is NO CHANGE, however, in the law regarding how children are relinquished for international adoption. There is NO COURT hearing proposed. The waiting period seems cloudy right now — we have to ask for clarification. In any case, without a court, that means that it’s business as usual in Korea. In order of preference, the government would be promoting international adoption first, domestic adoption second, and family preservation last. That is exactly the opposite of what all international conventions recommend.

So come on out and raise a ruckus! To get to Bulkwang station, go north from Gyeongbokgung Station (the KoRoot stop) five stops. Come out through Exit 2. Walk 300 meters with the big street to your right. Walk up the hill to KWDI and enter the building next to the parking lot. 2nd floor.

Our Bill

The coalition bill of TRACK, ASK, KoRoot, and Miss Mama Mia is now being checked for constitutionality. It will go to vote in February or March.

Raising Awareness

Thanks to all the people who pitched in to make the Chicken Campaign a success! You can see some snapshots by Fielding Hong and Jane Trenka here.

We need folks to do their own Chicken Campaign for a few hours at their local subway station. You can borrow our chicken suits and materials so we can do this all over Seoul during January and February. It builds awareness about unwed moms and therefore supports our bill, which gives the legal basis for family preservation over adoption, and also gives adoptees more access to their own information. Please send an email to truthreconcile@gmail.com if you’re interested.


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