Adoption Law Public Hearing WED July 1

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2:00-4:00 p.m.

Korea Press Foundation building, 19th floor

Subway: City Hall exit 4 or Gwanghwamun Exit 5

****This is your last chance to be heard before the Ministry of Health and Welfare finalizes its draft bill on ADOPTION LAW.****


Since we asked for it, and they gave it to us, that we must now use it (or lose it next time).

Wanted: 30-40 adoptees and supporters

The main issue at stake for adult adoptees: The Central Authority

How the Central Authority is shaped will determine all post-adoption services. The Central Authority is the gatekeeper to your history. If you are not involved now, access to your past will still remain in the hands of your agency and the government — not yours.

So if you are studying Korean language, just grab toast, hop on the subway, and come after class. If you’re an English teacher, you are probably not even working because of student exams, so get yourself to the meeting. If you have a lunch date or an appointment, do what you do when you’re hungover and just call and change it! ^^

Adoptees are not yet a powerful presence in Korean society, but we are quickly building power. Now is the time and we must seize every opportunity we can to fight for the rights of adoptees.

TRACK is working with the Gonggam public interest lawyers, KoRoot, and ASK to make our own draft bill to be submitted to the National Assembly. But we are also participating in this ministry process as much as they will allow us. So please come out and be heard.


13:30-14:00 Registration

14:00-14:10: Opening ceremony — Presider Hwang Jeong-im, Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI) research and planning team leader
Introductory statements: Kim Tae-hyun, KWDI director
Park Sook-ja, Director of Family Policy Dept. of the Ministry of Health Welfare and Family

14:10-14:40 Main agenda– presider: Jang Hye-kyeong KWDI General director of planning and coordination
Prof. Huh Nam-soon, Hallym University Social Welfare Dept.

14:40-15:20: Discussion

Kim Young-bok – Social Welfare Society (SWS adoption agency) secretary-general
Park Mi-jeong – Dae-won University Social Welfare professor
Park Bokr-soon KWDI research committee member
Park So-hyun Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations

15:20-16:00 – General Discussion <THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD>

16:00 Meeting adjournment


Language Access:

The ministry is not yet meeting our full demand for translation into French as well, and we’ll keep fighting for it, but we must also acknowledge the small victory that we were able to achieve.

To read about how we requested translation at the last public hearing and in meetings leading up to that, please click on these links:


Below is the translation of the Korean text sent out with the invitation and attached as a picture on this site:

Thanks to many adoption cases in the celebrity world recent days, regular people’s interest about adoption is becoming higher. However, every year, only 1/5 of the children who are available for adoption find new families through adoption. Domestic adoption has increased since the government’s “domestic adoption-first system” launched in 2007, but there are still a lot of tasks to do.
Accordingly, KWDI and MHWF are cooperatively holding a public meeting to prepare for the revision of the Special Law on Adoption Promotion and Process and to collect the public opinion of experts and the families from each strata of society.
Even though you’re busy, we want you to participate and share your good opinion. We believe your contributions will help design the government policy and build public concensus to revitalize adoption.


Inspirational Poem of the Day
by Jane, uh, Doe

Don’t sit in your one-room
Pissed off and doing jack
When you can fight for human rights
Just get yourself on TRACK!

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