Why Giant Unwed Puppet?

Puppets aren’t just for kids anymore! TRACK’s puppetmaker Eom Jeong-ae let me know about the Bread and Puppet Theater based in Vermont. The Theater was founded in 1962–1963 in New York City. It was active during the Vietnam War in anti-war protests, primarily in New York. It is often remembered as a central part of the political spectacle of the time, as its enormous puppets (often ten to fifteen feet tall) were a fixture of many demonstrations.

In addition, Minnesota has 10,000 lakes, 15,000 adoptees, and a lot of giant puppets every May Day!! Our connection to our Korean puppetmaker is through Sandy Spieler, who runs Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre in Minnesota. Sandy has done work in South Korea and Eom Jeong-ae has been to Minnesota and has met adoptees there.


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