Next steps for access to law revision process

Dear friends,

Over 25 adoptees showed up at the public hearing on the adoption law revision on Thursday! With our wonderful and dedicated supporters, we numbered at least 40 (1/3 of the whole audience). We made clear how much translation and interpretation are needed. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

adoption law meeting

When I asked Prof. Huh at the end of the meeting if she would provide translation next time, she said “Yes” in English. But in Korean, later in the meeting, she said that she would “do her best” to provide interpretation.  Nonetheless, in contrast to the other two times in which she flatly refused to provide English interpretation, her initial promise is a  victory.

Our next immediate move is to help turn this promise into reality.  We need you to e-mail Professor Huh acknowledging and supporting her initial promise to provide English interpretation at these public hearings. Just send her an e-mail acknowleding and supporting her promise. You can cut and paste this letter into your email if you’d like:



Dear Professor Huh,

I just wanted to acknowledge and support your decision made in the last hearing to provide simultaneous English interpretation at the next public hearing as the first step to the larger goal of making this process fully accessible to all those affected.


Our next step in this law reform issue is to stay informed and come out again to the next hearing. TRACK is forming a committee around public access to the current law revision process. The aim of the committee is to get all public hearings as well as documents simultaneously translated into English in the short-term and eventually French as well. All adoptees and supporters — whether members of GOAL, ASK, or unaffiliated — are welcome to join this committee.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Song Dae-Han at

Dae-Han is a Korean-American from Los Angeles who was trained at the National School for Strategic organizing and was an organizer for the Bus Riders’ Union for 2.5 years. (At the public hearing, he was the guy with the hat sitting next to me.) Click here to see a video about the Strategy Center.

You may be wondering what else TRACK is doing as we haven’t been very visible before. I have attached a Powerpoint presentation here to briefly explain our other activities.

한글 TRACK 소개


If you like what you see, please get involved in an even more active way. We especially need adoptees who are willing to take leadership positions in other projects, for whatever period of time you are living in Seoul.

Thanks so much for taking the initiative today and standing up for yourself and all adoptees. Again, GREAT JOB! I hope you feel very proud of what you’ve done. As a community with interests that must be acknowledged and accommodated, let’s not just fight merely to exist. Let’s fight to WIN!

See you again soon! THANK YOU.

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