Powerpoint intro to TRACK

This Web site is under construction. Please enjoy this PowerPoint presentation until we have more information posted.

죄송합니다! 공사중입니다.

About Calamity Jane, the Expat Insurance Lady in Korea

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3 Responses to Powerpoint intro to TRACK

  1. The time has definitely come for such an undertaking in the Korean adoption community. Thank you for meeting the challenge!

  2. jane trenka says:

    Thanks Margie. We really, really need the help and cooperation of the adoptive parents of children from Korea, so please let me know if you’d be willing to participate in the investigation. Peace — jjtrenka@gmail.com

  3. Janine Vance says:

    Great job! I am in full support of your work. It’s about time for truth & reconciliation within the adoption community. Adoption agencies have been making too much money off the backs of children and families. As an adopted person (+ loving Korean mother of two teens), I am offended at the sins the agencies have gotten away with and not only that, looking like saints while doing so. Let me know how to be involved with your organization.

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